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Irish Whiskey

Total Irish Whiskey Whiskies Found: 19

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The Cooley Irish Collection | 4 x 5cl

REF: 5131

Whiskey Miniature Gift Pack 4 x 5cl

Explore the full spectrum of flavours Irish whiskey has to offer, a great miniature pack from Cooley’s Pack comprises of the Greenore 8yo “single grain” Kilbeggan “blend” Tyrconnell “single malt” and “peated single malt” Connemara.

£16.21 (ex VAT)
Kilbeggan Finest Irish Whiskey

REF: 4717

Traditional Irish Whiskey 70cl / 40%

Gently matured for long years in Oak casks and skilfully blended to create a whiskey of unique smoothness and character.

£17.92 (ex VAT)
Paddy Triple Distilled

REF: 1042

Blended Irish Whiskey 70cl / 40%

A triple distilled blended Irish Whiskey, matured in oak casks for up to seven years produced in Cork. Paddy Whiskey was first produced by the Cork Distilleries Company in 1779.

£18.75 (ex VAT)
Jameson Triple Distilled

REF: 0085

Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl / 40%

The worlds best selling Irish whiskey, originally distilled in Dublin, Jameson’s is now one of many whiskeys produced in Irish Distillers highly versatile Midleton distillery in County Cork.

£20.00 (ex VAT)
Bushmills 10 year old

REF: 7322

Irish Malt whiskey 70cl / 40%

Bushmills malt is a single malt made from the choicest Irish barley and is distilled by the age old triple distillation process in gleaming copper potstills and matured for at least 10 years in specially selected Oak casks.

£24.58 (ex VAT)
Tyrconnell Irish Whiskey

REF: 1420

Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl / 40%

Tyrconnell is gently matured in seasoned oak barrels, in their 200-year-old granite warehouse, ensuring a smoother more flavoursome whiskey, which results in a luscious golden colour.

£24.58 (ex VAT)
Poitin The Original Spirit Of Ireland

REF: 6804

The Original Spirit Of Ireland 50cl / 61.5%

A heady traditional Irish Poitin from the good folks at the Teeling Whiskey Company. This is produced from a blend of double-distilled malt spirit and triple distilled maize spirit and is a pure but powerful new make.

£25.00 (ex VAT)
Connemara Peated

REF: 1443

Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl / 40%

Connemara peated single malt revives the age old tradition of creating Irish Whiskey from malted barley kilned over peat fires.

£27.46 (ex VAT)
Teeling Small Batch 2013

REF: 6803

Small Batch Irish Whiskey 70cl / 46%

A small batch blend by the Teeling Whiskey Company. These have very high malt contents and in this case it's also been extra matured in rum casks to give it an extra spicy kick. Delicious and satisfying stuff.

£28.33 (ex VAT)
Jameson Select Reserve | Small Batch

REF: 6483

Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl / 40%

These small batch releases from Jameson's are far punchier and oilier than the standard bottling, much more cereal, fruit, butter and citrus oils abound in this release making it a far more serious and authentic dram.

£31.25 (ex VAT)
Redbreast 12 Year Old

REF: 1052

Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey 70cl / 40%

THE classic Redbreast in undoubtedly the 12 year old. A slightly lighter variant than the older versions but a timeless statement of what pure pot still should be about. If you've never tasted this then you've no business calling yourself a whisky/whiskey enthusiast.

£34.16 (ex VAT)
Locke's 8 Year Old Ceramic Decanter

REF: 7498

Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl / 40%

Locke's is a single malt Irish Whiskey from Kilbeggan. A very soft and fruit driven 8 year old version here in a nice looking ceramic decanter.

£62.50 (ex VAT)
Redbreast 15 Year Old

REF: 6227

Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey 70cl / 46%

One of the all time greats of Irish Whiskey. This Pure Pot Still 15 year old is everything you could want from this great style, oily, excessively fruity, green, elegant, deftly spicy and wonderfully satisfying and drinkable. Rightly a legendary dram.

£69.17 (ex VAT)
Jameson 18 Year Old | Limited Reserve

REF: 4014

Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey 70cl / 40%

Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve is an exceptionally balanced, complex whiskey with a lingering finale of wood, spice and toffee.

£70.42 (ex VAT)
Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

REF: 6487

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 70cl / 46%

Bottled at a higher than usual strength of 46%, this is Middleton at it's tutti fruiti best, lots of green fruits, luscious cereal notes, butter, chives, honey and white stone fruits. A wonderfully opulent and satisfying Irish whiskey in the best pure pot still tradition. Tremendous stuff.

£115.79 (ex VAT)
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